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Tip: A Site to Help Pick the Right Drive System for a Multirotor

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I found the site a few weeks ago and I find it very useful.   The most useful parts is the hundreds if not thousands of motors in their database to choose from.  You can enter the following specs and tweak them to find the best parts for your multirotor;

  • Number of Rotors
  • Overall Weight (with or without drive system weight)
  • ESC current rating
  • Battery type: Cells, C rating, current
  • Brushless Motors -  A huge database of the leading motors on the market.

Once all the parameters are entered you can hit the calculate button to figure out;

  • Estimated Flight time (Mixed, Hover, ...)
  • Motor specs at Optimum efficiency
  • Motor specs at Maximum efficiency
  • Motor at hover specs including the estimated throttle.
  • Total Drive specs  ...

This is a must use tool for the newbie and the advanced designer.