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Ouch - Remember to be safe during apm calibration!

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When performing ESC calibrations and initial setup of your multirotor be sure to take the blades off.  I had some difficulty flying so I though I would do a some ESC calibrations and such.  I left my blades on.  Normally not a problem but this time I went to disconnect the power and the throttle was still at full and the copter decided to go for a quick flight in my basement.  I quickly grabbed the copter with my hands and held it to the ground.  I nudged the throttle down to zero. Then I pulled the power plug apart. 

In the process I broke all four blades and cut up my thumb.  At first I thought I lost it so I checked the floor before I checked my hand.  Lucky for me the props were flimsy plastic ones and not solid carbon fiber ones.  So they blew apart on imapct with my thumb

What was learned;

  • Don't leave the blades on!
  • Make sure throttle is at zero and the copter is disarmed before approaching the multirotor!
  • Wear gloves and eye protection!