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GoPro Hero 3 Over Heating

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I was one of the lucky people to get one of the first GoPro Hero 3 Black editions in Canada.  At the time I worked for a reseller of the product so I got a decent deal on it.  Good thing or I would be a lot more upset with the purchase.  I like the camera but have had nothing but problems since I got it.  The same problems most people in the world were experiencing.

I had the camera always shutting down at different intervals due to a overheat error.  I finally got rid of the error! The most recent update may of helped but I think the simple mod I did was the solution.  I found a video online that pointed me in the right direction.  What was the solution?

Remove the sticker in the battery compartment that is next to the electrical contacts.  It has a metal back and will slip out of place when the camera heats up during normal operation.  The metal back contacts the battery terminals and causes the overheat error.  You don't need to remove the sticker completely.  You can cut around the area in question.  I have not had a overheat error since the mod and firmware update in June 2013.

That being said when I do use the camera it is great.  It has many awesome features that will allow every one to shoot video like a pro.  I plan on using it for FPV now that it is no longer shutting down on me.  Just in case I will be running two cameras and a video switch.